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Tik-Tak3 is a :

Family Board Game
Children's Board Game
Educational Game
Strategy Game
Party Game
Word Game
Game of Chance

all in one game.

Benefits and Playing Time (Basic Games)

The basic 3-in-a-row (For 3 or More players)
You have to play this game, we guarantee you'll be playing in minutes and enjoy the game. The basic games is easy to learn and very social. Each game is a few minutes of fast frenetic fun. Playing time with four players, 4-8 minutes per games.
Random Tik-Tak3 (For 2 or More Players and Teams)
The Random games give every player regardless of age or experience, a fair chance to win. This offers children a rare opportunity to experience equality with parents, grandparents and older brothers and sisters. Tik-Tak3, help problem solving skills in both children and adults and teach children to be patient and take turns. Playing time 2-8 minutes per games. PS. More players can play by adding new colours (colors).
Advanced Tik-Tak3 (For 2 Players or Teams)
This is a challenging game and requires skill and strategy more than chance. This game develops math's and strategy formation. Playing time 30-60 minutes for five games depending on the players.
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